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Operation 2nd Chance



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  2nd Chance Team-Prize Cycle A really mean cut!
  Cindy gets a kiss CindyFrank-Vol
  Cindy-PRO Mont. V. Firmly plant left leg
  Frank- Ralph Frank-Ralph-MISGA
  Getting ready Good Balance!
  Good follow through! Group with Cindy
  I need a little support for stance. Jay Dibly
  Joe B,Gillian & Tom T. Joe Bogart
  Joe Bogart-Frank Bennett Joe Bogart--I can feel the ball!
  Joe-Gillian MISGA at its Best
  More players Nice swing-raise R heel on follow thru
  Note MISGA Signs Registration
  Sponsors Op. 2nd Chance229 This is what it's all about!
  Tom T. Ralph Starkey Tom-Ralph
  Two Misga signs-handouts Wait for me will you.