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What is MISGA?

MISGA, founded in 1975, is an organization of over 2200 senior golfers in Maryland and in parts of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia. Its goal is to help in the enjoyment of golf and to foster friendship and camaraderie through tournaments, fall golf trips to the south, and golf mixers on a home and home basis. Playing other local golf and country clubs without green fees makes this organization one of the "best deals in town." There are currently 44 clubs in MISGA.

Who can join?

The only requirements are:
  • Your club must be a member of MISGA;
  • You must have passed the test of time and be at least 50 years of age;
  • You must like golf;
  • You must like playing at the many fine courses in your area; and
  • You must enjoy meeting new people and sharing the pleasures of golf.

Reasons to join:

  1. MISGA is the "best deal in town."
  2. MISGA provides opportunity to play 15 to 20 golf mixers a year at great golf courses.
  3. Fall and winter trips to South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, or  Florida are special vacations at reasonable cost.
  4. While all events are competitive, good golf, excellent courses, great lunches, and fellowship are the real incentives.

How much does it cost?

  1. MISGA dues are currently $10.00 per person per year which pays for various administrative functions.
  2. A typical golf mixer costs are typically in the range $39 to $58 and includes coffee, donuts, cart, golf, lunch, and prize money.

MISGA wants You! Contact your MISGA Representative or your club pro.