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Mixer at Quail Valley Irv Fritz-OLD TIMER!
Club Reps Par 5-Made my par!.
Dining al fresco - Quail Valley Phil-he really is a nice person??
The beer does that to you! A good, well-adjusted group at Quail
Al Shockley and Club Pros at SHOCKLEY Pro-Am Holly Hills Looks just like a PRO
Argyle Par 5 - Had a smooth 8 here Argyle and Leisure World
Terrific little 3 par at Argyle 9th Fairway and Club House Argyle
Walden, Rolling Road, Glade Valley, and Holly Hills at Walden Easy par 4 at Walden
Where is my table?. Mike Suranno, Walden
Tony Casadante G.V. Check my score please. Eddie Frankerberger and Bill Price Holly Hills
Lunch line and Beer! Tom Scott, Rolling Road- I ain't waiting in line and I didn't win, either!
Grover in the back Kenwood large field
Patiently waiting at Kenwood Mike Urquhart, Eddie Frankenberger, Duane Calhoun
Guess where this par 3 is My team--a bunch of losers!
New par 5 on the back-Kenwood He said he was a great golfer!
Mixer at Holly Hills Joe Stover flashes victory sign and he won.
Crofton, Walden and Holly Hills Yes, Adolph, I /we know you won again!
This is the second time Nancy is giving Glenn his lost putter cover! No wonder Adolph wins; all he does is practice!
Patsy, out Doughnut Lady at Holly Hills Selling 50/50 tickets is not so bad.
Tim Koeble, a sports writer in Hagerstown and new MISGA member at  Beaver Creek. John Shafer says I look good and play well.
Lew from Beaver Creek Jody Rokisky, our Pro at Holly Hills
Mixer and a motley crew it is. Another day I didn't win! Sit down Al, we see you!
Phil and Jim counting 50/50 funds Bill, Tim, and Al
Harbourtowne par 5-and yes, one of the few holes I made a par. Great guys to play with--What did you say your names were??
One man in this picture is the next President & one is a thief. Can you  identify? ABCD Tour
Past Presidents Mixer at Wakefield
Very tricky par 3 and if you hit that wall and stay adjacent it can  be a par 6. Charles Gailunas from Rolling Road checking the chow line.
Guest Day at Holly Hills-Old friends John New, Mike Toms, Bob Gearinger, and Joe Stover. Getting Ready-Holly Hills Guest day
Mark Jeffers, West Winds, Frank Bennett, Lakewood, and Charles Swanke, Manor Nancy, the feel good lady!
Laugh Jody--I didn't win yet again. Thorough mix
Manor lunch prior to State 2-man. Nick Parker not only registers folks but is a two fisted beverage man.
Tim Rudo, Assist Pro at Manor. Lovely little par 3 at Manor
Looks like Earl Gayler. Number 18 at Manor.
Fantastic meal at Manor. Waiting for drinks.
Dennis and Sam - hard at work. Larry Velton, PRO and CJ giving out prizes