Carroll Valley Scenes - 2007


Carroll Valley Resort - Grand Entrance
#10 - Looks easy from here.
Head Honcho gets to tee off first.
Eastern Shore setup is a little different.
How a proper golf swing should look. Oh! Is that OB on the right?
#1 - Are you sure there's a green around the bend?
What, no hurricane yet!
If you spot any of these perps, call 911 immediately! Last seen near Pennsylvania border. Could be out to make a big score, masquerading as golfers.
Don't count the damn candles!
Good morning, Harry. Sleep well?
Hey, Rich! Pay attention while I show you my power fade...ah...ooh...slice.
 #10 green towards #10 tee. Go for it on 2nd shot; then lay up on 4 and make 7.
Is it morning already?
Sure, I've got game - it's just not GOLF.
If you're finished fumbling with the camera, Charlie, you're up.