Spring Fling 2008

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Williamsburg, Virginia

May 13-15, 2008

Golden Horseshoe Gold Course - Hole #16


Tuesday May 13, 2008
2 Better Balls of 4

Golden Horseshoe - Gold Course

Golden Horseshoe - Green Course



1st: David Cook, Gene Horan,

Jim Mills, Charlie Fieldhouse

1st: Ginny Grossnickle, Alice Daino,

Nancy Benner, Ruth Crovo


2nd: Bob Moe,  ,

 , Howard Taylor

2nd: Bootsie Bowie, Sally Stafford,

Mary Ann Zgorski, Catherine Miller


3rd: Richard Martin, Richard Hensler,

Bill Rapson, John Crovo

3rd: Judy Onorati, Aretta Keadle,

Susan Booth, Nancy Woodward



4th: Jerry Shearer, John Saum,

Don Tiedemann, Max Keeney

5th: Paul Keiser, Ralph Starkey,

Wallace Hoff, Byron Grossnickle



Williamsburg National - Yorktown Course
Wednesday, May 15, 2008
Lady's Choice
2 BB of 4

Flight 1 - One-Woman Team

Flight 2 - Two-Women Team

1st - 106

5th - 113

1st - 101

Eleanor Soltner

 Carl Ridenour

Harry Bowie


Ann Turner

Ken Wallgren

Frank Soltner

Robert Horne

Carol Boardman

Marilyn Horne

Howard Taylor

Wallace Hoff


2nd - 107

6th - 114

2nd - 104

Bootsie Bowie

Ralph Starkey

 Byron Grossnickle

Max  Keeney

Joan Smith

Edward Sebring

James Kasab

Bob Moe

Jan Davis

Ruth Crovo

Charlie Fieldhouse

 Don Tiedemann


3rd - 111

7th - 115

3rd - 107

Kathy Gazze

Gene Horan

David Cook

 Jim Mills

Ginny Grossnickle

Dennis Helm

Dave Woodward

Edgar Boxwell

Alice Daino

Deloris Donnelly

John Crovo

Richard Henseler



4th - 112



Audrey Palerino

Jack Sleith

Milton  Zepp

Paul Keiser




Williamsburg National - Jamestown Course
Thursday, May 16, 2008
Hastings Hybrid
2 BB of 4




1st: Bob Turner, Ken Wallgren,

Jim Mills, (Blind)

1st: Barbara Shearer, Ann Turner,

Ruby Wallgren, Judy Taylor



2nd: Bob Fitzgerald, Harry Bowie,

David Cook, Edgar Boxwell

2nd: Deloris Donnelly, Audrey Palerino,

 Jan Davis, Wanda Tiedemann





3rd: Joe Baily, Roger Onorati,

James Kasab, Ivan Oshrine

3rd: Sally Stafford, NancyWoodward,

 Ruth Crovo, Alice Daino




4th: Edward Sebring, Frank Donnelly,

James Ukockis, Tony Palerino




5th: Dave Sloper, Milton Zepp,

Don Tiedemann, Al Lawing



Updated: July 22, 2008